7 Ways To Tell Fake and Real Telfar Bags

1. Logo

The bag should feature a single debossed logo at the front that resembles a T inside a C.

2. Material

The bag must be made from 1000% vegan leather with a synthetic twill interior.

3. Shape

The bags all have a boxy, structured silhouette.

4. Stitching

Look for machine stitching at a 45-degree angle on the bottom corners.

5. Straps

It should have two types of straps; double shoulder straps and double top handles.

6. Interior logo

A single jacquard square logo attached to the back wall is only reinforced on the sides. There is no stitching on the upper or bottom walls, except for a small stitch on the upper corners.

7. Brand tag

Inside the lower interior of the bag, there should be an additional brand tag that reads “TELFAR / EST. 2005, NYC”.

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